Porridge the Brittany from Wameika Kennels is a full time staff member at Darling Point Special School. He was Canine Helpers’ third Facility Dog placement in a school.  Unlike the other Facility Dogs to date, he works primarily with the senior students in the school.  Porridge has helped to teach the students a dog training course, about pet care, how to be gentle and how to use the obstacle course!  Porridge is also great entertainment at lunch time when the kids hide toys for him to find and play games with him on the oval.

Best of all, Porridge’s interactive skills have helped reduce problem behaviours in the students and have encouraged many of them to work harder for the reward of being with him. The students have learnt much about responsibility and job skills as a result of Porridge’s involvement at the school.  Porridge is also a ‘physiotherapist’ for those students with more challenging physical disabilities; therapy exercises are so much more fun when Porridge is involved!