Lady came to train at Canine Helpers just after her second birthday.  Before this, she had been indiscriminately bred from, moved from home to home and then sent to the pound.  The transformation from then to now has been remarkable.

Lady is the first Facility Dog to work full time in an Education Queensland school, and her success with working with the students with special needs has prompted the placement of five more Facility Dogs in Education Queensland special schools to date.   Lady and Porridge (Canine Helpers’s third Facility Dog) won the Bayside District Education Queensland Showcase Awards for Innovation in Education in 2004.

Lady performs interactive commands with the children with disabilities at Redlands District Special School.  Lady has helped those children in a multitude of ways, ranging from building up their muscle tone to teaching them how to play with others and to be gentle.  Some of the children have improved their literacy skills by reading to Lady.  Lady has also participated in school excursions, pet care programs, ten pin bowling and learn to swim classes with the students.  Lady is a truly remarkable dog who treats all the children at the school with an equal amount of love and respect, regardless of their disability.  This is a very powerful gift to give.

Sadly, Lady isn't a young dog anymore and the years of bad treatment prior to coming to Canine Helpers have taken their toll in premature ageing.  Lady retired in 2009 with her handlers, and will live out the rest of her years a well-loved pet.

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