White Swiss Shepherd, d.o.b. 04.09.08.  Donated by Maggie Smith of La Raj Kennels. 

Baron has just celebrated his first birthday, and can hardly be called a puppy any more, especially as he has just about reached his full height! Being a White Swiss Shepherd, Baron is a big boy!!  Now that he is older, Baron has started learning some more difficult tasks, such as helping with the laundry, opening and closing doors and pulling a wheelchair.


Baron will be staying with his puppy raiser family for a little while longer, as he receives further training from trainers Lisa-Maree Price and Cyn D Fisher.  Baron's puppy raiser, Paula, and her family have worked hard to ensure Baron is a healthy, happy and confident young dog, who enjoys working with people and learning new things.He has received basic obedience training and a lot of socialisation to different environments and situations, so that he won't get overly distracted when faced with a new place or activity.

For his work as a Service Dog, Baron will be learning to:

  • open and close doors and drawers

  • fetch a ringing phone

  • retrieve dropped items

  • carry things

  • operate lift buttons and crossing signals

  • pull his handler's wheelchair

  • help with household chores like doing the laundry

  • summoning assistance for his handler if required.

Baron's training will be tailored to suit his handler's individual needs. However, even when Baron and his handler graduate as a Service Dog Team, Baron will continue his training, and will learn new tasks if his handler's needs change over time.

Thank You!


None of this would be possible without contributions from many sources:

  • Our beautiful Baron was donated to Canine Helpers as a puppy, by Magie Smith of La Raj Kennels.

  • Paula Edrich and family have been Baron's puppy raiser since he was 11 weeks old.

  • Trainers Lisa-Maree Price and Cyn D Fisher have volunteered their time for Baron's training.

  • Financial support from The Rotary Club of Brisbane made it possible for Canine Helpers to bring Baron into our assistance dog training program.

  • Individual donors and sponors who contribute towards the cost of raising and training Baron, and other learner assistance dogs in our program.