About Us

Canine Helpers for the Disabled is an association that incorporated in early 2002.  Canine Helpers trainers have been involved in general pet dog training, as well as assistance dog training, for a number of years before incorporation.

Canine Helpers is an income tax exempt charity, and donations over $2 are tax deductible. We rely solely on volunteers to perform and coordinate all aspects of our services. We do not receive government funding.

Canine Helpers has adopted many proven practices from groups such as Assistance Dogs International that have gone before us. Assistance Dogs International also sets the standards by which all of our Assistance Dogs are chosen, trained, and accredited.

In addition, Canine Helpers adheres to principles of strict animal welfare. In all of our training, dog selection and placement procedures, our number one priority is to make sure that our dogs receive the best possible care and training and that they thoroughly enjoy the job that they do.


Contact Us



Canine Helpers
PO Box 956

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Phone: (07) 5495 7476
 Mobile:  0437 916 996


Canine Helpers Board

Canine Helpers is staffed by a small group of volunteers and steered by an association Board.  The Board meets every two months.

President Andrew Holmes
Vice-President Diane Wegener
Secretary Peter Aebersold
Treasurer Tracey Tanner
Ordinary Members Sue Holmes

Board members must be members of Canine Helpers.